Power the next 10 million African crypto native experiences

8+ supported cryptocurrencies across multiple networks

Easily develop apps that run on any of our supported blockchain and networks in minutes. From Ethereum to BSC to even Layer 2 networks.

Built for developers by developers

Detailed documentation to help you build, test and deploy easier and faster, with Integration specialists available to support you through the process

Easily access blockchain data

With our APIs, you can retrieve blockchain data like current balances, transactions history, transfer history and others

Real-Time Data And Analytics

Make better-informed business decisions with real-time data and analytics through webhook event logs. Our dashboard provides the insights and guidance you need to stay at the top of your game.

Get access to market data

We periodically collect market data from some of the top exchanges in the world alongside decentralised price oracles. We store these prices, index it and provide current exchange rates to you at no cost. Exchange rates are updated every 60 seconds.

Getting Started

Generate API keys

Sign up on our dashboard to get your API Keys right away

Build-in test mode

Integrate our wallets' APIs or make use of one of our numerous SDKs in test mode where you don’t have to interact or spend real money to develop your app

Go live

Deploy your app and share with your customers! Feel free to reach out if you need to

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