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Seamlessly process payments, sell online, build crypto-powered financial products, stay compliant, or use our intuitive tools designed to grow your business.


A Seamless Experience for Your Business and Customers


The checkout widget features the swiftest payment structure for your customers. Simple and intuitive, designed to create an effortless payment experience for your customers.


Unlock a new way to gain interest on your business savings. With Earn, you get to accrue up to 6% APY on your stablecoins savings. No lock time


Enjoy frictionless Crypto and Naira Swaps with Liquidity. Seamlessly exchange your Naira for stablecoins (vice-versa) and one stablecoin for another without third party interference. It is easy fast and secure.

Wallets as a service

Everything you need to build and deploy crypto-powered financial products faster. Allow your customers create wallets, You also get to connect your existing products to the crypto economy easily.

A Seamless Experience for Your Business and Customers

Build with Fluidcoins. Our well documented APIs give you access to the technology we used to build our crypto products. We’ve done the work, all you need to do is make use of these resources at your fingertips and take your business to the moon.

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Bridging the Gap Between Crypto and Fiat for You

  1. Hitch-free Business Operations

    Our dashboard makes it extremely easy to monitor your business operations. You get to view and manage all your customer transactions from one place. It’s also the perfect place to liquidate your idle funds for stablecoins.

  2. Seamless Payment and Settlement

    We make it easy for your customers to transact with your business. You get the exact amount in your local currency irrespective of market fluctuations when you receive payments from customers. Also, you can withdraw funds to your bank accounts whenever you like.

  3. Secure Account

    We take security seriously so every payment made using our platform is 100% secure.

  4. Complete Compliance

    We’ve done the heavy-lifting so you can focus on running your business smoothly. Protect your customers and satisfy AML requirements.

  5. Quick Setup

    Setting up your Fluidcoins Account is one of the easiest things to do. In a few minutes, you’re all set to scale your business. Our API integrations are also developer-friendly.

  6. Multi-currency Support

    We provide support for over 8 cryptocurrencies. See our coverage here

Create Virtual Cards

Create, Manage and Use your virtual USD cards backed by stablecoins for international payments. Swift and Limitless.

Create Your Cards