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images of the fluidcoins merchant dashboard with the fluidcoins payment widget side by sideimages of the fluidcoins merchant dashboard with the fluidcoins payment widget side by side


Instant settlement

We understand crypto can be volatile which is exactly why we cover the risk for your business. When customers pay you, you will always get the exact value in your local currency regardless of market fluctuations.

Seamless Payment

Eliminate Fraud

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Seamless Payment

With Fluidcoins, you get to receive crypto payments from your customers abroad in less than 15 minutes

Eliminate Fraud

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Eliminate Fraud

Chargebacks, which are quite common with credit/debit card payments, are ridiculously expensive and damaging for businesses. Fluidcoins enables your business to reduce chargebacks by 90%, eliminate identity theft, and ultimately enhance your bottom line.

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Complete KYC process

Fill in required information to fulfill KYC requirements

You're good to go!

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“ Our clients needed to expand their fundraising reach. Fluidcoins did the Lord's work for us by making it extremely easy for them to raise funds and get investments via crypto payments. This is the future! ”

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