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Fluidcoins Payment links allows you to accept payments from anywhere in the world without having your own website or hiring a developer to integrate payments into your existing website. Share the link via an email, SMS, or other platforms and get paid immediately.

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Accept payments quickly with customised payment links


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Create and customize a payment link to taste. You can require a specific amount from your customer or even go as far as collecting their phone number


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Copy your payment link and share with your customer. You can reuse one link and send to as many people as possible


Get paid

Your customers can now pay you with 8+ cryptocurrencies anytime they want to

Never Miss Out on a Sale

Email your customer a unique link to a Fluidcoins powered invoice page from a custom email domain or Customers can also download a PDF version.

Now I can charge my customers at the speed of light


Moyin Olowu

Digital marketer

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