Borderless Payments Infrastructure For Africa

Accept 10+ cryptocurrencies from customers anywhere in the world. Take your business global from day one!

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Instant settlement

We understand crypto can be volatile which is exactly why we cover the risk for your business. When customers pay you, you will always get the exact value in your local currency regardless of market fluctuations minus 1%.

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Payouts made ridiculously easy

While we automatically send payouts into your bank account every day. It is still possible to request a payout whenever you want to. As an example, customer X made a payment at 4PM and you need access to the said money to fulfill the order by the next day, you absolutely have no need to wait for the next automatic payout, you can request a payout directly from the dashboard and have it in your bank account in minutes.

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Accept payments from anywhere in the world!

With Fluidcoins, it wouldn't take you 5-10 days to accept payment from a customer abroad.

Instant settlement

We understand crypto is volatile which is exactly why we cover the risk for your business. When customers pay you, we convert immediately to your local currency (as an example NGN).

Eliminate fraud

Chargebacks are ridiculously costly for businesses. And those are quite common with credit/debit card payments. Payments made on the blockchain are irreverrisble, what this provides your business is the ability to get rid of chargebacks and identity theft.

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Why you should use Fluidcoins

Start accepting crypto payments today

Best in class payment toolings

From payment links to Invoices to a Widget checkout that works even on mobile to integrations for your favorite ecommerce store,we have made it easy way to accept payments.

Extremely simple and detailed reporting

Our dashboard makes it easy to get a bird eye's view of your customer's purchases

Easily build custom payment experiences with our well documented API

We make it possible for you to build a custom checkout or deposit experience for your users,using our API to do almost anything you want to.


Stay in control of your business

Our dashboard makes it easy to get administration processes done. Easily manage transactions, your customers, take a look at your earning performance.

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For developers by developers

Easy Integration anywhere

With just a few lines of code, you can start accepting cryptocurrency payments. Easily connect Fluidcoins with your favourite stores or websites and start accepting payments from customers in no time. Integration usually takes less than 15 minutes.

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Simple, fair and transparent pricing

We only make money when your business makes money. We charge 1% per processed transaction. And we have no hidden fee(s). No contracts.

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