Get Your Invoices Paid in Crypto Easily

Invoicing Made for
Your Business.

Fluidcoins Invoicing is designed to save you time and get you paid faster. Create and send invoices quickly with no code required. Or, use our API to automate how you collect and reconcile payments.

Save Time

We handle all the work for you so you can focus on what you do best: providing high-quality service to your clients.

Save money

With Fluidcoins, you don't have to pay any monthly or annual fees. We only charge you 1% of an invoice payment

Easier Processes

We ensure the best experience possible when managing your crypto invoicing, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Get Support

You can always feel free to reach out to us whenever you have questions about our products or services.

How it Works

Send Bill

Create an invoice from your merchant dashboard and send it to your client.


Your customer pays the Fluidcoins invoice at a locked-in exchange rate.


Fluidcoins converts the customer’s payment into your local currency.


You’re free to request payouts from your dashboard balance.

Why Invoice with Crypto?

Foolproof security

No chargebacks. Transactions are immutable and saved in a public ledger.

Zero price volatility

We shield you from price volatility meaning you get exactly what you charge, minus 1%.

No hidden fees

We charge a 1% flat fee, period. No hidden charges or exceptions.

Wallet agnostic

Your customers can pay with their preferred wallet, whatever it is.

A growing market

Over 200 million people are using crypto, all over the world.

Go global

Cryptocurrencies are borderless, your invoices can be too.