Generate passive income on your Stablecoins

How Earn Works

Beat Inflation

Save in Digital Dollars

Stay away from creeping inflation by saving in stablecoins like USDT which is pegged to the price of a dollar.

Higher Yields

Competitive Rates

Interest compounds daily. Deposit and receive more than the average national interest rate with high-yield returns.

No Hidden Fees

Withdraw at any time

Withdraw your assets at any time and convert to your local currency instantly. We offer more flexibility than other high-yield investments, with no minimums or withdrawal fees.

Getting started


Signup to create a Fluidcoins merchant account


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Convert your Naira to stablecoins and make your first deposit.

Do you have questions? We already answered some

What are the risks?

Our offers, like any investment, come with inherent risks. There are inherent risks in the underlying crypto assets and DeFi platforms we employ. However, we make every effort to minimize these risks. DeFi lending is highly collateralized, often over 125%. This implies that you have complete control over your funds, even if a borrower defaults.

How do we maintain these rates?

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) provides a variety of ways to lend or borrow digital assets; these platforms, known as "protocols," usually reward their lenders with an interest rate that varies depending on the demand for a particular asset. By measuring the risk/reward ratio, we scan and curate the best options from the DeFi market, and then bundle them into easily accessible and user-friendly options for you.

What is DeFi?

Decentralized Finance (also known as DeFi) is a collection of blockchain-based services, platforms, and financial institutions. The most popular services are currently lending, borrowing, trading, and any bank service dedicated to digital assets and cryptocurrencies.

When can I withdraw my funds?

We offer flexible deposit and redemption periods, meaning you can put money in and take it out whenever you choose.