Built for your business

Easy-to-use solution for online services

Quick start

Fast and simple setup allows you to start accepting cryptocurrencies and serve customers all over the world without barriers in less than 15 minutes

Multiple payment options

Our checkout widget comes with multiple crypto payment methods ranging from integrating with your exchange to decentralised payments from your non custodial wallet

Receiving Crypto Payments have never been easier


Go Global In Minutes

In a few clicks, you are set to easily receive crypto payments from anyone, anywhere in the world.

Seamless and Cheap Payments

Providing a seamless payments experience for your customers requires swift transactions and low fees. Fluidcoins offers both. We support some of the cheapest networks such as Polygon so your customers no longer have to face ridiculous gas fees whenever they want to pay you.

Eliminate Fraud and Charge backs

Payments with Fluidcoins eliminate charge backs and fraud commonly associated with credit/debit card transactions.

Instant Settlements

Customer pays, you get settled instantly!!. Zero wait hours.

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