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Fluidcoins operates with no hidden charges and as such we provide transparent information on what you need to get started across every other service we provide.

Naira payout


We charge a flat 50 Naira withdrawal charge regardless of the amount being sent to your local bank account

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Crypto payout

Current blockchain network fees

You can request your payout in crypto not just your local currency

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Relay payout


We charge a flat 100 Naira withdrawal fee every time we convert your crypto to Naira and send it to your bank account

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API Fees

Free forever

Build payment experiences and crypto assets management features into their product via our API at no cost.

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Uses cases

We are built for every and any business type you can think of. We have curated a list of potential usecases you could explore



Crypto is the next frontier in Africa. Find out how you can embed and accept crypto payments in your apps or website. Also how you can manage crypto wallets addresses and others with our API


Small businesses

How fintech apps can embed crypto payment into their apps, generate crypto wallets and widget


Betting companies

Find out how you can permanently put an end to card chargeback issues by accepting crypto payments which are non-reversible by a central authority. Only you can issue a refund



Find out creatives or remote workers can get paid in crypto from anywhere in the world


International companies

Learn how you can use Fluidcoins to power your B2B payments to any part of the world

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